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Holidays & Celebrations:

Birthdays: We have a LOT of birthdays to celebrate since both of us havebig families. We like to make each person feel special and to mark the occasion in a way that they like best. Typically, it’s a dinner (birthday boy/girl’s choice of where or what we have), cake (again, their favorite flavor), and any activity they choose - it can be bowling, laser tag, hiking, rock climbing, parasailing (yes, that happened last year!). So, the way each birthday is celebrated is unique to each family member but we all join in and make it an adventure!

These are our a few of our nephews at our cousin’s birthday party this summer...the cake was bigger than each of them!

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Our Lives Growing Up

Robert: I would love to a parent similar to my parents. My childhood was a happy one with my older sister, two younger brothers, golden retriever and parents in a coastal New England town. Little League and other sports, music, paper route, playing with friends and many family events with my extended family of cousins made for a very busy life. 

My home was often the one hosting parties, sleepovers and dinners, and my neighborhood was very friendly and supportive. My parents are still active in the community through their church, small business and volunteer activities, and continue to be terrific role models. It was truly a blessed experience filled with love and has set me up filled with gratitude for all that I’ve received in my life.

Expenses Paid

Home Study Approved 

Natalie: I would love to provide all the amazing opportunities for your child, that my parents provided for me. My childhood included being raised in the Midwest by parents who came from Europe soon before I was born. My parents wanted to be sure that my siblings and I were familiar with the language and culture from their home country. So, we lived in a bilingual household and traveled to Europe frequently to visit family there. 

Sports were an important part of my upbringing. I enjoyed ice-skating and started when I was 8 years old. By the time I was in junior high I competed at the regional level and continued until I left to attend college. Another hobby was horseback riding and I had a horse for 5 years that I cared for and would take on long rides in the woods most weekends. I love the outdoors and this experience made me appreciate it even more. While in college, I worked during the summer as a white-water raft guide and ran tours which allowed me to engage in my love of the outdoors. 

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Doctor & Successful Executive/Musician Hope To Adopt.

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​Our Home 

Our adventure together as a family began in the Summer of 2012 when we were lucky enough to be introduced by a mutual friend, Caroline. She saw something in both of us that, we can only guess, inspired her to connect us. 

Our family includes a very sweet and loving dog, Taco! There are many extended family members on both sides of our family who are all very supportive of our marriage and our hope to adopt. Should you choose us, your child will have a big, close-knit extended family waiting to embrace him or her.

Here’s Taco from the day he joined our family until now…he’s an important member of the family. He’s great with kids!

And our sweet cousin Catherine and niece Ava…

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Easter: Robert’s family is nearby and often this holiday is a big family party. Natalie’s family celebrates the Easter which is typically a few weeks after. So, once again, we have several celebrations but love getting everyone together. 

4th of July: Robert’s brother, William, has a wonderful pool with a large outdoor entertainment space, and he throws a big party every year with all of the dozen+ cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents in attendance. It’s quite a blast! 

This is a pic of too many nieces, nephews, and cousins to count! Bob’s parents, brothers, and uncles joined in the fun. 

Robert’s side of our family lives pretty closeby, so family parties are numerous. The family tends to rotate hosting, and we’re thrilled to have a home with a pool that is a great gathering space for the many cousins, aunts and uncles to enjoy. Natalie’s family is in the Midwest, Canada, and Europe so we enjoy traveling to see them several times a year.

Our ring bearer having fun with the napkin holders:-)....

Robert: I went to college a few hours from where I grew up, and continued my love of learning, music, theater and community service there. I still have many friends from my time in college, and often get together with my classmates and their families. I was a social worker in Baltimore for a while after school as my first job, and eventually moved back to New England and started my tech company. We both are very committed to helping in any way that is useful and have joined committees that support our church or local schools.  My work currently combines education and technology, and I find that I’m able to help a lot of different types of organizations with my experience. It’s very energizing to be useful and supportive of my friends and the larger community with their work as well.

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Life Before We Became We

Natalie: I attended college out West. It allowed me to continue spending time enjoying the outdoors and during my summer breaks I worked as a whitewater raft guide and lived in the mountains. During the school year, I was busy studying foreign languages and biology.

My love of science grew and I made the decision to study medicine and become a doctor. Medical school was tough, but I enjoy helping others and being on the cutting edge of medical advancements. To me, it’s a privilege to be able to make a difference in the lives of others and be of service when someone needs it most. I see both pediatric and adult patients.

I became involved in international medical and humanitarian work during my time off from the hospital. I would travel domestically and internationally to offer my time to different areas of need. This allowed me to use my foreign languages but also meet other physicians from around the world and build new friendships.It was during this type of work that led to business ideas and is the way that Robert and I met….

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Natalie, As Described By Robert
Natalie surprised me when we first met: who could imagine someone so terrific and kind? I was smitten immediately.

I love that she’s so interested in learning, teaching and helping others. She is going to be such a caring, loving mom. If she’s not studying some new idea for her medical practice she’s working to help her patients, or writing and inventing new ways to treat them. She’s also always willing to jump on one of seemingly endless calls from people looking for her advice. 

She is not all work, however (thank God!). She loves to play tennis, ice skate, ski, and is learning to play golf, and enjoys gatherings with our friends.

While visiting Ava we had a baby shower for my cousin who will be having a baby girl in a few weeks. So many little ones joining our family. We’re already love her and haven’t even met her yet:-)

Robert, As Described By Natalie

Robert is funny, warm, and a wonderful mentor, friend, and husband. He is charming and sees the good side of everyone. To say I feel blessed to have him in my life isn’t enough. It’s a joy to see him everyday...truly. His joy and warmth is apparent from the first time you meet him. Kids gravitate to him. He is going to be such a devoted dad.

In his professional life, he is a great boss and business owner.

When Robert isn’t working he has lifelong hobbies that bring him much happiness but that we all get to enjoy. One would be his music. He is a tremendous singer and musician. He has a beautiful tenor voice and performs in a band. The best part - the group only performs for free to help organizations that have fundraisers or galas to help a worthy cause. We have a music room in our home that is the gathering spot for many fun nights of music with friends….


How We Plan To Raise A Child

Our love for one another will be the feeling and experience of your child. He or shewill know that we love each other, and that they are loved as much as anyone can be. Our goal will be to keep them safe and help guide them to reach their highest potential, with all of the experiences that we’ve had from people who have loved us guiding our choices. Our families, friends, teachers, neighbors all participated in our growth and maturing to being who we are, and we’re looking forward to surrounding a child with the same kind of love, support and kindness that we have received.

Why We Want To Adopt

We’re living very active, fulfilled lives full of friends, family, work and community. We’d be able to share our lives with a child who would both benefit from our experiences and bring immense joy to our little family. We’re very excited by the possibility of a little person joining in our adventures as we move through life together.

We hope you will consider us as adoptive parents. We’re grateful for the opportunity and look forward to an adoption that will allow us to bring much joy, security, and love to a child who will have a very special home. 

Please call or text anytime at 1-800-354-2608 or  You are welcome to call our super nice adoption attorney.

Love, Natalie and Bob

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Another adventure riding camels and an antique jeep through the Sahara desert….

How We Work
Our work includes our careers and the businesses we both have grown, as well as the roles we play in our community as volunteers, counselors, teachers and mentors. Natalie’s medical practice is thriving. Robert’s work on his technology company continues to grow each year. 

The good news is that both of us are our own boss, and though we have great responsibilities, our roles allow for quite a bit of freedom and flexibility. We can work from home often enough to allow for plenty of opportunity to be totally involved parents, and we’re able to afford help when needed, even now we have services for our lawn, cleaning the house, and maintenance. We work hard to have a balanced life where work is important but certainly not all-consuming. 

How we play
This is a part of our lives we make sure to protect as we value our time together and with those we love. Two things take center stage when we have free time: our love of music and being outdoors. 

Robert sings in a band and plays several instruments. We have get-togethers with other musicians and he plays with his band while Natalie plays a very good “groupie.” 

When it comes to the outdoors, we play tennis and golf but also go skiing during the winter and have a number of weekend trips to hit the slopes. We take our dog, Taco, hiking in the woods and he is a great guide, always checking to be sure we follow the right trail and don’t get lost. Natalie likes to horseback ride. Even though it’s not Robert’s favorite activity, he is a great sport and goes along. Our free time is very special. So, we carve out our family time and it’s a priority for us. We spend lots of time with our nieces and nephews. Those moments are priceless and we can’t wait to share it with a child. 

These pics are of some of the special “play dates” with our nieces and nephews. From Baseball games, to ski trips, cookouts and movie time, we treasure these moments. 

Thanksgiving: We celebrate with about 25-30 family members at Robert’s parent’s house. Everyone has a special dish assigned and once we all come together the table is a sight to behold! At the end of the feast, the tradition is to go around the room and each person takes their turn sharing what they are grateful for in the past year.

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We end the night by gathering around the fire pit, making s’mores and someone always seems to start a water balloon fight. Natalie gets clobbered with a few balloons each year:-)

And, a cousin’s wedding and family trip to Paris…

Halloween: We all are in love with the fun and community of decorating, dressing up and trick-or-treating with our family, neighbors and community.  We’ve hosted several Halloween parties and bring together the children in our neighborhood and extended family. Robert typically dresses as some type of rock n’ roll singer or musician (Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, and Elvis) and Natalie has been everything from a martian, witch, a piece of food (pizza, hot dog,etc) and historic figures.

How We Met

Robert: My friend Caroline and I were chatting about our respective work, and she told me about her friend (Natalie) who would likely benefit from my advice as an entrepreneur. I was immediately taken by how beautiful Natalie was, and then how smart, relaxed and easy to speak with. We laugh that Natalie arrived at dinner with a swollen eye and cheek since she just took a spill while skateboarding from her work at the hospital!

Natalie: Robert and I met through a mutual friend (Caroline). She planned a dinner for a few of us to meet and brainstorm about creating a new company involving some of the medical work that I had done. Robert already had a company but was a great mentor and respected in the start-up community for his expertise and willingness to help others. From the moment we met, we had so many similar interests, passions, and pursuits.

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Christmas: This holiday is celebrated more than once! Robert’s side of the family celebrates Dec 25th.  Natalie celebrates Christmas on Jan 7th. So, we have a long Christmas season visiting both sides of the family. 

Both families celebrate with church services, presents, group games, and many “family tradition” meals and special dishes. Some of these include roasted lamb with figs and brioche breads with a homemade butter and honey spread. Natalie’s family has  many fish dishes that are sautéed with all sorts of different sauces that we pass around and share.

The Christmas desserts are many. Some of our favorites are a baked cherry pie that Robert’s mom, Margaret, loves to make. Natalie’s aunt, Rose, makes a wonderful 10 layer chocolate and hazelnut torte. 

Trimming our Christmas tree is another fun event. We typically have a tall 10’ tree filled with ornaments. Every trip we take we find a special ornament that represents that location. We have ornaments from all over the world and it’s such fun placing on the tree and chatting about each destination/city. Another set of ornaments come from Natalie’s family. Her mother, Anna, and aunts, Helen and Martha create one or two hand made ornaments  each year (from needlepoint and painting) so we have a collection of many over the years. Our home is filled with wreaths, garland on the stairwell and several large, lighted wreaths outside the house. Here’s a few of us, Bob’s sister, brother, and a few nieces and nephews celebrating.

Our Wedding

Our wedding was a multi-day event with many friends and family in attendance from the US and abroad.

It was a joyous event that we still receive comments about how fun, friendly, energizing and love-filled it was. Being able to give our friends and family a gift of food, music, faith and sharing was a truly wonderful opportunity that we are really happy to have been able to do. 

Since we had guests come from many different destinations we wanted them to know how cherished and special they were to us. With that in mind, we had several days of events that included sightseeing, outdoor activities, our church service/ceremony, and a night of dancing, singing and celebrating into the wee hours. We hosted a large brunch on the last day before our guests headed home. We cherish those memories and still speak of them often.

On the first day, we had guests choose between sightseeing with Natalie and a local guide through a historic part of town or go on a golf outing with Robert. That evening, everyone gathered at the historic society/museum in town where we heldour welcome celebrationthat included dinner, museum tours, and dancing. We love jazz and while theband playedwe enjoyed local coastal foods. 

On the second day, we had our wedding ceremony. It was beautiful in every way. We had trolleys transport all the guests from the different venues. While the bridal party prepared for the ceremony, guests enjoyed a brunch. The trolleys then took them to the first of two ceremonies. 

Robert is Catholic and we had a ceremony at the same church where his parents were married. There was a wonderful singer and quartet orchestra that provided music for the ceremony. After that, guests were taken by trolley to the second ceremony at an Christian church nearby (Natalie’s family is Christian). Here, we had several singers and a string orchestra perform classical music during the ceremony.

Then, it was time to celebrate! That evening we held the reception at a historic coastal hotel. Natalie loves flowers and the room was filled with large white bouquets. With Robert’s love of music we had a 10-piece band perform Motown music. They were fantastic! Guests literally danced for hours. Although we had a 5-course meal for our guests, many were on the dance floor and dinner took several hours! Even now, we have family and friends talking about that band and the fun we had dancing and singing to Motown hits.

Hello - We Are Robert And Natalie,

We’re writing to you as a way of introducing ourselves and letting you know how grateful we are that you’re considering adoption for your child and considering us to be your child’s blessed adoptive parents. Our hope is that you’ll see a future life for her or him with us. We love children and our greatest dream is to become parents together. Should you choose us to adopt your child, we will consider your unselfish act of kindness and generosity the most wonderful gift, one that we’ll be grateful for every day, and we’ll express this for her or him through our love, devotion and attention.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you, and look forward to the chance to speak about what we hope will be a wonderful experience for us all.

We both love children and are ready to adopt.

Vacations & Travel

We love traveling and plan to continue that when we become parents. We would love to show your child the world. We have friends and relatives all around the world, and regularly visit them. Natalie especially loves to visit historical landmarks, and this passion has brought us to many interesting parts of the world.  We also love to visit Florida in the Winter to get away from the snowy New England weather!

This is a recent trip touring and sailing in China...